Natural Process Nursery

Natural Process Nursery plant starts grown with a natural process. utilizing Earthworm Soil Factory soil and fostering microbial life for the natural defense and nutrient exchange supporting the symbiotic relationship between the soil and the plant.
We are taking plant orders for spring. Read bellow for more details.

Plants know what they are doing

Plants do incredibly well when you trust them to do exactly what they were born to do and simply support the balance of the ecosystem around them. 
We are here to help you understand and care for each piece of your eco-system. Nature is wise and utilizes that wisdom within its interactions. All you need to do is understand what is in balance and what is out of balance and simply foster balance.
We are here to help you understand:
Pests - Soil - Plants - Ecosystems - Watering - Gardening - Farming
Lets face it. Pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and any other type of poison could be a bit dangerous around people, children and animals. That is why we prefer to use natural solutions* first. If you think there is no other solution* to your problem, think again. Nature is brilliant.

*We cannot give advice for diseases or pest problems, we can just let you know what we have studied and tried and our perceived effectiveness. 

We Are Taking Plant Start Orders NOW!

We are taking plant orders now for spring. Fill out the plant order form and turn it in to a Butte Valley Supply representative to secure your order for spring. 
We will not have a large selection of plants next spring instead we will only be doing plant orders so make sure secure your order before February 16th

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